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    The Diff: A Stream About Making the Web Wonderful

    A digitally-rendered black, gold, and marble scene featuring The Diff's logo.


    July 2019

    Because of the clear lack of podcasts and blogs in the tech community, Tatiana Mac and I decided to start a stream focused on foundational HTML and CSS to make the web fun and accessible.

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    Blackletter: Personal Site & Portfolio

    A computer-generated scene featuring golden elements and roman statuary.

    design & development

    May 2019

    Unsatisfied with my two years out-of-date personal site and its ability to showcase my creative development ability, I endeavored to redesign with an updated aesthetic, fluid page transitions, and modern technology.

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    Divine Goddess Jessica

    A computer-renderered scene featuring a logo and some mid-century modern lighting fixtures.

    design & development

    March 2019

    An elegant and high-end overhaul of a web experience for a modern dominatrix. Countless custom solutions for form handling, content management, and more. My love letter to Netlify.

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