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    Jessica Hische

    design & development

    September 2020

    Like a lot of small businesses, New York Times best-selling author and world-class illustrator Jessica Hische relied on an off-the-shelf ecommerce platform. It was cost-effective and fulfilled her basic needs but she knew there was room for improvement in the experience for her customers, and she tasked Henry Desroches and the Faculty team with this improvement.

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    The Diff: A Stream About Making the Web Wonderful

    A digitally-rendered black, gold, and marble scene featuring The Diff's logo.


    July 2019

    Because of the clear lack of podcasts and blogs in the tech community, Tatiana Mac and I decided to start a stream focused on foundational HTML and CSS to make the web fun and accessible.

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    Blackletter: Personal Site & Portfolio

    A computer-generated scene featuring golden elements and roman statuary.

    design & development

    May 2019

    Unsatisfied with my two years out-of-date personal site and its ability to showcase my creative development ability, I endeavored to redesign with an updated aesthetic, fluid page transitions, and modern technology.

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    Divine Goddess Jessica

    A computer-renderered scene featuring a logo and some mid-century modern lighting fixtures.

    design & development

    March 2019

    An elegant and high-end overhaul of a web experience for a modern dominatrix. Countless custom solutions for form handling, content management, and more. My love letter to Netlify.

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